Vaccine Hesitancy Among Black Communities in the US and Canada
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With vaccines being increasingly the most sought after commodity and the world’s topmost priority, black communities lag behind in getting inoculated against Covid-19 despite greater supply in US and Canada.

There is a feeling of mistrust and distrust from black communities towards COVID vaccines, which is evident with numbers such as 60% to 5.4%  which is the ratio between white and black individuals respectively, receiving the first dose in the US.

Wynne Stovall-Johnson, a 54-year-old mathematics teacher from Elkins Park, PA

 “It’s really an emotional thing. Trust is based on emotions, and I just don’t trust right now…I have a graduate degree. I read a lot. I’m informed. I’m not a person who clings on to conspiracy theories, but I simply do not trust the government at this point.”

But James Hildreth (MD), president and CEO of Meharry Medical College says the black scientific community has been involved at every level of developing and approving the vaccine.

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Vaccine anxiety is further extended to countries in Africa, as rare cases but significant reactions (including death) to the vaccine including AstraZeneca have deepened mistrust among an  already doubting population.

The COVAX facility is an international initiative set up by WHO with contributions from wealthy nations to support developing countries lacking the productive capacity to acquire Covid-19 vaccine alternatives although calls to increase funding to the facility have been received with a pinch of salt.   

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