The Aegis Council for Policy Research & Innovation is an international not-for-profit organization focusing on Canada and African countries. We seek to engage and promote innovative ideas to strengthen Canada’s foreign impact, and relations with partner African countries with the aim of creating a more inclusive and prosperous society.


To be the organization providing real-time policy intelligence to governments, businesses, media and communities in Canada and Africa.
New conversation with facts about Africa and Canada that will power the decisions of policy makers.


To bridge fronts and secure policy outcomes to transform lives. 
We seek to do this by:

Creating ideas from insightful analysis and testing them in publications, conferences and public debates. 

Connecting governments,  businesses, entrepreneurs and communities to information and opportunities they desperately need.

Facilitating networks amongst stakeholders with a vested interest in Canada and Africa.

Delivering skills to nurture social entrepreneurs in Canada and selected countries in Africa.

World Report

World report features a summary of the most important world stories. We collect and analyze regional and country news in a synthesized report to keep the public informed.

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In May, Chief Whetung and other Indigenous leaders sued the Canadian government out of pent-up frustrations for failing to provide clean drinking …

Implementation of vaccine passports is not a new phenomenon on the horizon. Countries have required proof of immunization against diseases like “yellow …

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