India: Women leading the World
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As the world continues to grapple with the COVID pandemic a shadow pandemic has taken root. Shadow pandemic refers to the global increase in domestic violence in the period of Covid-19.

India is one of the countries combating the surge of shadow pandemic alongside unwavering activists like Srishti Bakshi and Sonia Faleiro. 

In May 2014, two teenage girls, cousins Padma Shakya and Lalli Shakya were declared missing in the village of Katra Sadatganj, in Uttar Pradesh. The following day their bodies were found hanging from a tree. This along with many stories is the drive behind Sonia Faleiro’s book, “The Good Girls”. 

Srishti Bakshi is the creator of the women-centric Indian documentary, The WOMB – Women of my Billion, which is set to premiere at the UK film fest. The documentary explores the life of 85,000 resilient women and the challenges they face while combating gender norms and limitations imposed on them.

 “…My aim is to pass on this privilege of knowing these women and their stories to inspire conversations on how gender norms need to be overhauled.”

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