Gender & Equality

Our work in this area explores empowerment in a variety of domains including women’s rights, inclusion, equality and the importance of gender for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Our objective is to foster equitable and inclusive society through policy engagements.

Many women do not only face systemic and intersectional barriers in economic decision-making but also receive lower compensation than men for the same work. They are often excluded from the labour market, lack access to finance and denied property rights.  COVID-19 is exacerbating these inequalities, and there are concerns about erosion of development gains, especially for women and girls who are already experiencing a pandemic of violence and high poverty, and lack of social protection.

As global pressure mounts on countries, industries, and communities to accelerate gender equality and inclusion, our women platform builds evidence to inform policies that enhance women’s participation, power and influence as well as end socio-cultural barriers that hinder progress.  

Concretely, we examine the potential for foreign policies to prioritize gender equality and inclusion, as well as practical challenges to integration of women in peace, security, and development. We believe elevating the status of women and girls advances Canada’s foreign policy objectives.