Energy, Environment & Resource

Aegis Council’s work in this area brings a focus on climate emergencies that threaten the biosphere. We consider issues relating to regulatory processes, the environment, resource extraction and commitments to achieving a climate action plan.  

As we confront an exceptional situation with COVID-19, not only can we expect the pandemic to prevail the policy landscape for the near future but may also overshadow environmental imperatives as governments focus on economic recovery at the expense of global warming.  

We can expect delays in climate negotiations or adjournments of the implementation of climate action footprints or cancelation of investments in renewable energy and R&D, as countries and companies are seeing a shortfall in their production levels, finance, and growth rates. But COVID-19 and climate change concatenate and require equal attention.

Transitioning to a climate-resilient world calls for continuous multi-stakeholder climate diplomacy, sustainable financing and aligning different forces for a maximum impact. Our climate action campaign explores the contingencies that lie ahead, mapping out the policy choices and bringing new thinking that would pave the way towards sustainable recovery. 

We explore Canada’s leadership in clean energy technologies and innovation, and Africa’s commitment towards climate adaptation and mitigation in the Nationally Determined Contributions which will require significant climate investments to be realized.